Housing Assistance

Washington State, the west coast, and much of the United States is experiencing a housing shortage crisis, making it very difficult for people with low-incomes to afford safe, quality housing. Washington OFM estimates that we need to build 1.1 million new homes in the next 20 years, both to make up our deficit and accomodate future population—up to 32,000 of those units in Skagit County alone. Learn more about our housing crisis and what we can do about it.

Housing-Assistance Organizations

Anacortes cares about members of our community. We have a number of low-income, crisis, and homeless housing programs:

Anacortes Family Center

Provides shelter and transformational services to women, children, and families in crisis to achieve lasting personal success and self-sufficiency.

Anacortes Housing Authority

Helps qualified families and individuals achieve stability and self-reliance through safe, affordable quality housing and links to community services.