Streaming Local TV

Cut the cord!

The future of television and video programming is via the internet, allowing you to pick and choose what you want to watch and potentially lower your total monthly cost of TV service. Depending on your preferences, you can likely save money and get everything you want by switching from an expensive tv/phone/internet bundle to Anacortes city fiber and streaming video service.

Use the resources on this page to find how to watch what you want, or try the interactive personalized streaming video service selector from Suppose TV.

Live and Local Channels

Yes, you can get live TV, including our local channels, via streaming! Some services also include live broadcast of premium cable channels.

All prices are approximate minimums and accurate as of the time of posting (September 20, 2023) but all are subject to change at any time.
Service Price Premium






DirecTV Stream $75/mo
Fubo $75/mo
Hulu Live TV $69/mo
KCTS 9 Passport $5/mo
Paramount+ $12/mo
Peacock Premium $12/mo
Sling TV $69/mo
YouTube TV $69/mo

Local Sports

Comcast may have moved local sports to a premium package, but you can still find them on streaming TV services (updated October 12, 2023):

  • PAC-12 is available on Fubo and SlingTV.
  • ROOT Sports is available on Fubo and DirecTV Stream.

Other Streaming Services

The services below have lots of great pre-recorded content, but generally do not offer live local or live premium channel service.

All prices are approximate minimums and accurate as of the time of posting (September 20, 2023) but subject to change at any time.
Service Price Content
Amazon Prime Video -- original content, available with the Amazon Prime delivery service; can also add Max, AMC+, and other services
Apple TV+ $7/mo the home of Apple originals
Disney+ $8/mo Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and ABC original programming; also available with Hulu and ESPN.
Fubo $8/mo Local sports, including ROOT Sports, and other network channels.
Hulu $8/mo tons of TV episodes and movies, including ABC network shows, most available the day after they air. Includes Hulu originals. Also available with Disney+ and ESPN.
KCTS 9 Passport $5/mo content from KCTS 9 and PBS
Max $10/mo HBO, CNN, Discovery, HGTV, TCM, Cartoon Network; available as a free add-on to some AT&T wireless plans
Netflix $7-20 the OG streaming service, featuring movies and TV shows, including original exclusive content
Paramount+ $12/mo massive movie and tv archive from Paramount Pictures and Showtime, the home of Star Trek and Taylor Sheridan's 1883 and 1923
Peacock $6/mo NBC's television library
Plex -- offers limited selection of free streaming content, plus a one-stop guide to movies and TV across multiple streaming services
Philo $25/mo live streaming; typical cable channels
Pluto TV free free streaming tv service with ads
Vudu -- free-with-ads and pay-per-view movies and TV

Where can I watch a specific movie or TV show?

Check out the JustWatch service, available on the web or as an app for your smartphone. Create an account and tell it the streaming services you subscribe to, then search for any movie or TV show to see where you can watch it for free or with payment. Add the show to your JustWatch watchlist to keep track of it for later!

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Streaming Devices

Although streaming apps are included with most modern TVs, if your TV is older, you may need a small streaming device to add streaming apps. Here are some examples, most of which are available from Amazon or other electronics retailers:

You'll need one device for each TV you want to use for streaming services. You can also use an Xbox or PlayStation to watch streaming TV apps. Some services allow you to stream to multiple devices at once.