Internet Access

Anacortes Fiber

The City of Anacortes's own fiber internet service is the best provider of internet access to your home or business in Anacortes! The City's fiber service is:

City fiber internet is not branded or resold to private operators such as Ziply/Frontier, Comcast, etc.

Streaming TV (including local channels!)

Once you have reliable high-speed internet access, you may want to start getting all your TV via the internet. Check out guide to streaming services and local channels.

Sign Up Now

You can sign up now, even if service is not yet available in your area.

When is fiber coming to my area?

Check out this interactive map to see when the city's fiber build out will come to your neck of the woods.

Free WiFi

No password is required to access wifi hotspots in these city parking lots daily from 7am to 10pm: